Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Keeping Track

The past two days Jon and I ran outside. Monday's run was horrible with a capital H and Tuesdays run was MUCH better....

Here is the Recap. 

This is how Monday nights run went.... 

Blah! Right? We tried a new route that ended up not having sidewalks. I drive on this road every day and never noticed that.  Plus the Bruins were on and we were focused on getting home to watch that (They Won! YA!)... luckily the next day run was MUCH better. 

I love this route. Its actually part of the Healthy Heart Trails, we just modify it and run it twice so we get to 3 miles.  You spend most of the run on the Charles River... and its filled with other runners and bikers to leave you motivated. 

Here are some pictures we took after! Ignore my bright red face from running! 

How do you keep track of your runs? I use the Jawbone Up band as well as Run Keeper or Map My Run. I enjoy both apps but My Run Keeper now sinks with my Jawbone Up app.

So here is my problem. I like to recorded what Jawbone tells me and what the app tells me separately so I always recorded with my phone and my app and with the app I can tell how I am doing during the run. BUT I always recorded warm up and cool down and I would like to get a better picture how I do when I am actually running. SO I am thinking about having one app sync with Jawbone and then Map my Run just recorded when I start running, to see how I would do in a 5K for example. Am I nuts? Anyone else do this?

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  1. i don't keep track of my runs, but i run the same lake almost every day, so i know how far it is. i have never been a tracker, though! good for you for doing it all!