Monday, May 6, 2013

S'mores and Hills

I took this weekend off from Gap because I needed my space away from Gap and it was a great weekend!

Saturday was a day full of fitness. Jon and I were set to go for a run at this park that I saw that was located right next to us. Well turns out when a park has "hill" in its name... its because its on a hill. We are not ace runners yet so our "run" turned into a hike of some sorts, but it was beautiful.

Where do you keep your keys when you run? A friend told me shoe laces, but this didn't work so well for me....

Yes.That is the color green on these trees!

We hiked up to this view and back down again in 59 minutes and 27 seconds for a good 219 calories burned.

After our hike I was disappointed we didn't get a "run" in. Jon had some things to get taken care of. Like a haircut if you couldn't tell! So I hit the gym for a run on the treadmill.

The calories burned are wrong because I did a "quick workout" and didnt add my age and weight. Jawbone up recorded 342 calories burned and 3.74 miles ran.

Then we visited our friends Adrian and Matt's for the night and made some pizzas on the grill and had S'Mores. And played with her puppy Minni...

.. not so Minni, but very cute.

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  1. what a great weekend! i usually carry my keys in my hand when i run. i have tried the laces, but don't love that. they also make shorts that have tiny pockets in the inside.