Friday, May 3, 2013


Thank God Its Friday. I hate wishing for the weekend because I hate wishing for time to go by but I seriously need some me & Jon time this weekend which I am going to get so I am happy. Its crazy that when you live with someone you can have weeks where you barely even see each other. This was one of those weeks.

Monday- I had Gap
Tuesday- We were both home
Wednesday- He had Golf League/A friend came over for a bit
Thursday- I had Gap.

Blah. He has softball on Sunday, but I enjoy going to the games. Excuse it sit outside in the sun all day? Yes please. Plus I keep the book for them, which I find fun.

Anyway, when Jon was at Golf League the other night I ran with a friend I know in Waltham, She has run a few 5Ks and 10Ks before and before Wednesday I never ran a 5K outside without stopping to walk. I have ran one on the treadmill but not outside...  We both motivated each other to do the best we ever have. For me shame is a real motivator ha-ha. The whole time I was like wow she is going to think I suck if I stop a 3/4 of a mile in so I kept on going. I have learned that the feeling to having to stop to walk is mostly in your head....

Anyway this is how we did....

Pace (min/mi)
Elevation (ft)

Happy Weekend and Cheers to a better week next week! Next week I am only working at gap 9-2 on Saturday. YA! Mostly because I took time off to watch the Bruins play off games. My favorite player got suspended for a game. I boo that. BUT they play Saturday. GO BRUINS! 

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