Monday, June 24, 2013

Escape from Reality

Ah the weekends...  How I love you.  One of my favorite songs is Kenny Chesney "Reality". 

My escape from reality is the beach. (OR going to a Bruins or Red Sox game)

This weekend Jon and I's plan was going to be going the Phantom Gourmet Beach BBQ in government center. Well I tend to research EVERYTHING before I purchase/do something so Saturday morning I looked it up on yelp and it had one star! YIKES. I guess its super expensive and you get like nothing for your dollar. Normally I take yelp with a grain of salt because I feel like the people who complain on there are just complainers are were probably super rude to to staff and that's why they have complaints, but is clearly was a sign we shouldn't go. So we opted for the beach instead....

We went to Revere Beach which was actually a good experience! Aside from the stupid teenagers who showed up at the end blasting there music and decided to pretty much sit on top of us. (we moved) I mean its nothing like beautiful Maine beaches but it was fairly easy to get too and free parking and free beach access! So for those deals, its a nice place! 

You could watch the international flights come into Logan... so that was cool!

This mini pizza was only $8.99! I bet you can guess whose side is who...

Anyway... needles to say I did not do a workout on Saturday. By the time we got back from the beach it was time to start cooking dinner to prepare for the Bruins game that  night! BUT Sunday I got a good run in. I was proud because I set the Treadmill to a goal of 3.5 miles even though my plan was go to 4.0. I was just not feeling working out Sunday, but I beat through it and ran 4.0 miles!

Tonight? Power Yoga, then watching the Bruins game. GO Bruins! 


  1. oh my gosh, that beach looks glorious! I'm so insanely jealous!

  2. I've always been hesitant about Revere for the beach...but it looks pretty nice :)

    The Other Side of Gray

    1. Ha-ha I do not blame you! I was hesitant too... but it wasn't that bad, minus the teenagers.